Guest Trainer

Human Resource, SAP, ERP ,Finance, Merchandising

We have outstanding profession teacher and lecturer on Garments,Fashion Design,Apparel Merchandising,Supply chain Management,CAD,ERP,SAP,

Accounting .Most of our faculty member have 10 years working experience on local and Multinational corporation whose skill will give you the best industry experience.

  1. Mr. Habibur Rahman (Fashion Design Expert)
  2. Mr. Monirual Islam  (Apparel Merchandising)
  3. Mr. Tanvir Ahmed (Supply chain Expert)
  4. Mrs. Tahmina Khatun ( Human Resource Management)
  5. Mr.Shahid Khan (SAP Expert)
  6. Mr. Tamim Rubel (Accounting & ERP expert)
  7. Mr. Nazim Uddin (Garments CAD,CAM Expert)
  8. Mrs. Dipa Zaman (Fashion Designing Expert)

All Trainer have Strong Experience on respective Professional field.